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Fairfield Glade Brae Golf Course


Tennessee Named the #1 Retirement State

Tennessee's low cost of living is why we are at the top of the list for retirement states. Tennessee has the second lowest cost of living in the nation, according to data collected by the Council for Community and Economic Research. Along with that, it's local and state taxes are the third lowest in the nation. The retirement lifestyle of Crossville is appealing to more & more people each day as they learn more about the affordablitity, mild climate and active lifestyle they can enjoy living here.

Named among the top are
Fairfield Glade Golf Resort & Lake Tansi Golf Resort
and both of this wonderful communities are located in Crossville TN


Tennessee also has easy access because it has several major interstates running through the state making it within a day’s drive for over 50% of the nation. Throughout the years, Crossville and Fairfield Glade have received recognition from numerous media outlets naming us among the top places to retire to.
Crossville has been named “The Golf Capital of Tennessee”and this area has much to offer folks looking for a good place for retirement and an active resort lifestyle.


Some of the most popular retirement areas include area lakes, golf courses and retirement communities. A few of the groups coming to our area include snowbirds and half-backs. Snowbirds are people who have a second home in a warmer location and migrate south for the winter months. Many of those snowbirds like to declare permanent residency in places like Fairfield Glade, Lake Tansi and Crossville in Tennessee because of our low taxes, insurance costs and no state income tax. Half-backs are those who were born in the Northern & Mid-west states and relocated to Florida or other states further south and decide to move halfway back to where they originally moved from. For one reason or another they choose places like Fairfield Glade, Lake Tansi & Crossville, but most times they decide they were too far south, the climate was too warm, they didn’t get to enjoy the change of seasons they enjoyed when they grew up or the cost of living just didn’t fit their budget now that they are retiring.


Fairfield Glade, Lake Tansi Resort and Crossville are located on the Cumberland Plateau Mountains in middle Tennessee. The “Great Smoky Mountains” are to the east of us and” Music City” is approximately 90 miles west of us. On top of the Cumberland Plateau we enjoy four mild seasons and here we golf almost all year round. Golfing is big around here with over a dozen beautiful golf courses within a thirty minute drive of each other. Fairfield Glade golf courses are second to none in the area and they have five - five star courses. Lake Tansi boasts the largest lake on the Cumberland Plateau and has four lakes to enjoy. Lots of amenities and sunshine most of the time make this area ideal for the person who loves to be outdoors. The warmer climate seems to be more appealing to us in our retirement years.


Many times a day we hear folks say….”I’m from Michigan, I’m from Florida.” Come visit and see who you might meet during the day that shares a piece of your past….maybe even meet someone who was a former neighbor. We will be glad to assist you with accommodations for your stay.
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to learn more about Fairfield Glade Resort, Lake Tansi Resort and the Crossville area for retirement possibilities.